All they want is LOVE

On Saturday, I had the honor of photographing the fur babies looking for forever homes at the LAKE DALLAS ANIMAL SHELTER. Although it makes me sad/mad to see sweet innocent animals being thrown away like a piece of trash, there was a rainbow in the darkness that we witnessed while there. Their longest resident Hippo (the big boy pup in the first and second photo) was adopted by a family of 7. He will be loved and cared for like he was meant to be and how he deserves to be.

Being a photographer for over 15 years, I’ve always wanted to give back. I couldn’t do NILMDTS because I knew I wasn’t strong enough (although I would have loved too). I feel doing this and giving a voice to the most gentlest and loving creatures is what I’m meant to do at this point in my journey. I can’t wait to go back and love on all the animals and photograph them in hopes my photos will help them get adopted.

If you are in a position like I am (kids grown and really not into taking photos, lost your passion or looking for inspiration), I highly encourage you to go to your local shelter and offer your services. It’s been a long time since I’ve had that excited I-CAN’T-WAIT-TO-GET-HOME-AND-UPLOAD-THESE-PHOTOS feeling. And if you find yourself here and aren’t a photographer, consider volunteering. The folks that tirelessly fight and care for these sweet animals are true angels.

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