Farm Life Part 1

I’m not sure many of you know, but one of my bucket list items was to photograph the wild ponies of Shackleford Banks. Luckily, I was able to do that even though they were very elusive. Ever since then, I’ve been slightly obsessed with photographing horses. I’m that person you’ll see on the side of the road trying to get them to come to me so I can take photos. I’ve been known to stomp through what I’m sure to be snake-infested grass just to snap a picture. Lucky for me, my father-in-law has a place about 2 hours out that I can go to and photograph until the sun goes down or I run out of CF cards (which is usually the latter). So, I figured I share with you all a day on the farm. I have a ton of photos so I figured I’d split it up into 2 separate posts.

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