Freelensing Fun

Have you ever tried to freelens?  It’s super cool and super fun and the best part, you don’t need a macro lens to do it.  All you do is disconnect your lens from your camera body and flip it around so the part that usually connects to your camera is now facing out.  You’ll have to hand-hold it because it won’t connect back on.  Then find something cool that you would like to get a close up of.  Flowers are usually the best but you can use all sorts of things.  Just think outside the box. 

Next up, you’ll just shoot like you do (except the lens is reversed and your holding it).  You’ll have to get close to what you are shooting and move ever so slowing in and out (with your body) until you get something in focus.  It won’t be a large amount that focuses, it’ll be really tiny but it’s usually something the naked eye won’t see.  It takes some practice but once you nail your first image, you’ll fall in love.  Oh and don’t worry about your settings, they won’t pick your f-stop and shutter speed up.  It will however pick up your ISO so if you are struggling with getting some good natural light, crank it up and see if that works for you.  If not, just move to a window or open your front door and shoot there. 

Now you might be asking…..WHOA, it’s exposing my camera’s sensor?  Yes, it does for the bit that you don’t have your lens up to it.  So keep in mind you’ll probably want nix doing this on a windy day at the beach!  LOL!!  And whenever you aren’t using it, just click your lens back on and pop on your lens cap (if you still have it because unlike me, I loose them at every session).

Here’s a few I did this past weekend.  Flowers are my favorite because of the detail you can get.  I also did some crayons and colorful straws too. And even if you don’t get anything in focus, it still comes out cool, the last picture is proof of that.  Remember what I said…THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!












straws 2

And here are some strawberries I did about a year ago that I don’t think I ever shared. See….be creative and play!








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