Girls Trip To Magnolia Market And Wacotown

After waiting what seemed like forever, we took a girls trip to visit Magnolia Market. I’m such a HUGE fan of Chip and Joanna. I really feel if she met me we would instantly be friends. We would go on sushi lunch dates, bond over our love of goats and Grace could babysit their cute kids and be like the older big sister to them.

OK, back to reality. We made this a girls trip so my sister, Grace and one of her best friends packed into the car bright and early Thursday morning and headed down I-35. We first hit the market and the silos because come on, that’s 99.99999% the main reason we went. You can choose to find a parking space along various side streets or pay $10 to park in the church parking lot that is located right next to the market. So think ahead, if you have some big/a lot of items you are looking to purchase, you might want to park in the parking lot so you won’t have to trek a mile to your car. And with Waco being more south of Dallas, it tends to get hotter so 100 degree temps are typical during the summer.

The first thing I recommend is heading to the back side of the building and have your photo taken by the iconic Magnolia seal. They actually have an employee back there that will take your photo. Cool right? Jo and Chip seriously thought of everything.


Since we knew it was going to be getting hotter during the day, we decided to hold back and just walk around the grounds before entering Heaven….er I mean the market. They have lawn games for the kids, cute little black and white bean bag chairs (that I seriously considered stealing if I could run fast enough) for you to lounge on. Large bench swings and a ton of covered seating for you to enjoy some of their awesome food truck yummies. There are so many places perfect for photo ops!










They have Magnolia Seed & Supply if you are into gardening. I would be if I didn’t kill everything. The garden is full of flowers and vegetables and the shop is super cute too.


And I think the Gods were on our side because Magnolia Flour had it’s grand opening on Wednesday, just a day before we came. I HIGHLY recommend getting the strawberries and crème cupcake. It’s insanely delicious!



After exploring a bit, we were finally ready to go into the marketplace. It’s not as big as you think it might be. I would say it’s a bit larger than an outlet Old Navy shop. There are two levels to it. The top level (which is the main entrance) is stocked with her jewelry line, kitchen items, flowers, shirts, etc. More on the side of the smaller items. The bottom level has more of the bigger items like her signs and hangings, baby area, Chips corner, etc. They have a HUGE inventory room that employees are constantly pulling items to restock. So if you go there and something you’ve had your eye on isn’t out, make sure you ask an employee because they more than likely will have it in the back. But with that said, if you are looking for big ticket items like her stools or furniture line, she doesn’t have it. It might be added in the future but as of now, it’s no dice.





I didn’t get any photos of the front/top room. But I did get a picture of the floor in the bathroom (and my chubby toes). Totally love!!


We decided not to eat at the Silos but you totally can. They have food truck there and from the food I saw people chowing down on, it all looked good. We did get a watermelon juice drink at Luna Juice Bar truck that was so refreshing.


After we were finished at the market, we went to Clint’s (her carpenter) place which is called Harper Design Co. He has a small shop right next to his house. And if you remember, Chip and Jo transformed a house that was so wrong on many levels. Jo called it a crime scene. While we were there we heard some sanding and sawing in the back so we just assumed Clint was doing “his thing.”

I researched online of places to visit while in Waco and I heard that a must see (and shop) is Spice Village. It’s a large warehouse that is home to vendors of all sorts. You can find it all here…clothes, homegoods, paper good, etc. It’s super cool and I could have spent days there. While we were there, I could hear my sister laughing. She called for me to see this sign and it is now my saying to Grace when she gives me attitude: “Your crazy is showing. You might want to tuck that back in.” I’m still laughing at it as I type it.

After this, it was time for lunch. And to keep it in true Chip and Jo theme, we ate at one of their favorite places, Vitek’s BBQ. The girls got sandwiches but my sister and I went big and order their famous Gut Buster and pulled pork nachos. Everything was so good but our eyes were bigger than our stomachs.

When we finished lunch, we went to The Findery. It’s another shop of homegoods and clothes. It’s full of lots of cute stuff.

By this time, I was starting to have remorse for not buying something at Magnolia. But luck would have it (or maybe I planned it that way), we swung by again and I was able to buy it and I was forever happy. If you look at the pictures inside the market, it’s the vintage sign.

OK, OK…so I bet you are wondering. Did you see Chip and/or Jo? Unfortunately no. But I did have a brush with one of their clients they flipped a house for. We saw Jill from the modern mid-century home. And they were filming something at the market while we were there and Grace and her friend swears they were on camera. It’s OK, we didn’t see them, it just gives me an excuse to go back. Until then…..

If you are considering going, I totally recommend going. If you can swing going during the week, definitely go that route because I can only assume the weekend is a madhouse. It is busier in the morning but it does die down in the afternoon so take that into consideration. I’m definitely going to go back…at least until I meet Jo. Then I’ll be moving in with them when they adopt me.

I’m totally NOT joking….

Oh and I apologize for all the jumping photos….it’s kinda my thing. 🙂

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