Peyton: McKinney Boyd 2017 Grad

The backstory of this shoot has been in the making for a long time. I’ve known Peyton’s mom (we were roomies in college) and her dad (we went to high school together) for a LONG TIME so of course I’ve known Peyton since she was a feisty peanut. Grace grew up with her until we moved to Corinth and although we live close to each other, we kinda started to loose touch. You know how it goes, life just gets busy. So, I haven’t seen this sweet face since she was about 7-8 years old. Sad….I know! Fast forward 10 years later, and she’s graduating (I still can’t wrap my mind around it)! I was thrilled when asked to do her senior photos and as you can see, the camera absolutely LOVES her!

Congrats on this HUGE milestone Peytie (yes, I’ve tried to refrain from call you that, but I just can’t anymore)! Texas Tech is lucky to have you! Make the most of it, have fun and just be you.

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