Say Hello To Milo!

After loosing our beloved Scout suddenly back in August, we were left with HUGE holes in our hearts. We had no intention of getting a new dog any time soon but we really missed having a furry companion round. We missed being greeted at the door from being gone for hours or just to step out to get the mail with the same “I’m so happy your home” enthusiasm. We missed having soft furry snuggles and belly laughs because he did something so goofy.

We talked about it a lot and we all agreed we were ready. After much research, we decided on a Welsh Terrier. They are hypoallergenic, great with kids, and very active. We also knew we wanted another terrier since Scout was a Cairn Terrier, we knew we were terrier people.

I got in touch with a handful of breeders and really connected with one in Kansas. She was so nice on the phone, answered all my crazy questions, sent photos of the kennels, the parents and of course the puppies. She sent us weekly photos of the all pups and when it came time to pick, we had to rely on her to answer our questions as to which pup would be a perfect fit for our family. It was tough since we couldn’t interact with any of them, but a good breeder will work with you and do their best to find the one that suits your family and lifestyle.

So fast forward to October 7th, we loaded up the RV and headed to Kansas to pick up our newest family member. Meet Milo (Mo for short). He is the goofiest dog I have ever known. He gets the zoomies (where he runs all bucky for no reason) daily, steals anything that is left on the floor, tries to weasel his way into the shower, doesn’t bend his front legs when he runs, gives hugs (yes, he gives hugs), rolls in questionable stuff outside, a lover of Honey Nut Cheerios and my personal shadow that follows me EVERYWHERE.

You can follow Mo over on his instagram account (adventures.with.milo) (yes, he has his own account, don’t judge).

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