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Hello? Hello? Is this thing still on? Remember me? I’m Brenda and I’ve failed you and my blog miserably. It’s been 2 years since I last blogged and oh how I’ve missed it. So I’m giving it another go and I promise you this time I won’t let you down. Have we got a deal? GOOD!

So with that out of the way, WELCOME to the new blog. I’ve joined the bandwagon (about a year late) and decided to condense my site and blog into one. Because I think we can all agree that maintaining two sites can be a pain in the rear. And between you and me, I think that was a HUGE reason why I swept it under the rug and it collected dust bunnies.

If you are new here a big HOWDY to you from the great state of Texas! A little about me. I have two kiddos that I adore and I’m married to my best friend. We decided to be adventurous and travel the US so 3 years ago, we bit the bullet and purchased an RV (a Winnie Vista) that we lovely call Fred. We travel about 8 weeks each year to explore this wonderful place we call America. Our goal is to see as many National Parks (thanks to Ken Burn’s documentaries) as we can before the kids get to the age were they are tempted to strangle each other (due to confined spaces and no doors). So far they are still alive and we have visited 11 of them in which I plan on blogging all about that soon.

I’ve been shooting for over 13 years now and I specialize in natural light as well as studio photography. A few years ago, I took a chance and started THE BLOOM FORUM and EVERYTHING BLOOM with the support of my family and friends. It has grown over the past few years to were it is now my full-time job (along with my husband). Unfortunately, that left me no time to take sessions and photograph my kids (I know, bad Mom) so I closed down my doors. But lately, I’ve had a little itch…to take a few sessions that I feel will inspire me, start photographing my kids (when they let me) and to document our RV life.

I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with you, a few sessions and most of all, my thoughts. Blogging is so therapeutic and the best part it’s FREE! This place will be a mishmash of everything that goes on in my jumbled head. So I hope you will tag along with me and add this little blog to your feed so you don’t miss a beat.


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